Afro Alchemist

The Mission

  Alchemy takes on different meaning in people lives. Afro Alchemist™ is here for us explore the different truths, transformations and tools of the true alchemist. 

   We all have it in us to discover the magic of creating their own philosopher stone. 

  The deeper you dive into your journey as an alchemist you will realize that progress is not measured by what material possession you have.

   Your progress is based on knowledge you have accumulated and how you use it to create richness in life from the what is generally perceived as worthless. 

  The philosopher stone is the mind, body and spirit working at is highest potential.

    I have designed this  online space to help us all grow through that transformation to our higher selves together.  

Image by Mona Eendra


Christsean "Show" Audrea-Ann


Satya Yoga Teacher Certification- 2018


I have successfully completed a 200 hour course of study covering Asana, Pranayama, Chanting/Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and Movement  Anatomy at Prescott College Satya Yoga Teacher Program.

Centre of Excellence Master Herbalist Diploma


My love for plants have encourage me to go back to school and learn the art of herbalism. I have advanced my knowledge in the history of herbal medicine, plant chemistry, ayurveda medicine, herb formulation and so much more.